Charmaine, 20, Toronto Canada

A Million Scars and a Broken Heart holds so much wisdom about the scars of our lives. There is this one chapter that pierced through my heart – that is the scars of expectations. This book is a must read. You may be someone who is going through something or just navigating life, this book will show that there are some thing deep within us, hidden that needs to be revealed. Joena San Diego is a vessel that God is using to speak not only to my life but for other people. This book is one of those books that makes you crave for more of Him.

Enea, 20, Student

Letters of Solana book touched my mind and soul in ways that words could never describe, yet my heart understood every single word in it. Every single snippet she shares melts my heart. It’s that good. Also, it is is a combination of Life, Love and God which makes the book very inspirational and interesting. It moves and teaches people that there is always hope in life, you’ll always find it beautiful because it is not yet the end game. As long as you’re alive, make the most out of it while you can and be happy. I love the fact that the author inspires people to read and to believe that life is perfectly beautiful no matter how hard life is sometimes. I’d recommend it to y’all!! The books is worth all the tears. I promise.

Claire, 29, Young Professional

Letters of Solana was a roller coaster kind of life changing, it brings me closer to God. The author didn’t sugarcoat the reality of life, she straightforwardly told me what I should and have to do, to change whatever situation I am in, by clinging to God, grabbing hold of all the promises God has for me. I absolutely recommend this book to every person whose struggling to find their Identity. It is not too late to know what God has for them.

Von, 22, Young Professional

I thought I was fully healed. I thought I have already recovered from my broken past. When I received this book from a dear friend inisip ko, “Give me 1 day, tapos ‘to” (feeling bookworm ako dyan). Manipis lang kasi sya. Well, having that thought, this book is really loaded with emotions. (Parang encyclopedia, pero emotions mo yung dine-define). Nasa table of contents palang ako, tumagal na ako ng 10 mins. Haha. Is this really for me? Lord, okay na ko e. When I finished the first chapter, I found myself crying in each line. It made me recall how people cried because I’ve hurt them. It paves the way for my dark past to lighten up and cleanse one more time. So I decided to dwell in each chapter everyday.

Yvette, 22, Cardiac Sonographer

Hi I am Yvette Renee Dirije, I am 22 years old, a Cardiac Sonographer from Obando, Bulacan. I love to read and I also love to write 🙂 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Miss Joena and the whole team for sharing us the grace God has given you. I am only one of the many people you inspire. Every time I read your books, there is this warm feeling in my heart that is telling me how beautiful and how wonderful it is to trust the Lord and to stay in His presence. You teach me so many things and you change me in so many ways. I was once told to read materials that will feed my mind, but your creations do not simply feed my mind, your books pierce my soul. I hope you continue to bring light and extend love to the people. Thank you so much and God bless!