Von, 22, Young Professional

I thought I was fully healed. I thought I have already recovered from my broken past. When I received this book from a dear friend inisip ko, “Give me 1 day, tapos ‘to” (feeling bookworm ako dyan). Manipis lang kasi sya. Well, having that thought, this book is really loaded with emotions. (Parang encyclopedia, pero emotions mo yung dine-define). Nasa table of contents palang ako, tumagal na ako ng 10 mins. Haha. Is this really for me? Lord, okay na ko e. When I finished the first chapter, I found myself crying in each line. It made me recall how people cried because I’ve hurt them. It paves the way for my dark past to lighten up and cleanse one more time. So I decided to dwell in each chapter everyday.